Screenshot from my first YouTube video, channel: Dobra Treść

Self-recording and publishing videos on the Internet have lots of benefits… and a lot of pitfalls. After more than a year on YouTube, I have a few insights that I (have) collected in 10 points.

1. Appearing on YouTube has a great promotional power!

Clients are more willing to invite a person they already know from the film. Thanks to YT, I (have) gained clients who had some knowledge about what I do and they were able to determine exactly what I could do for them.

2. YouTube, like any social media, needs to be regularly fed.

If we have longer breaks, the reach decreases/ traffic decreases, and subscribers are less responsive. They say a decent channel should have one…

IMAGINE YOU ARE SITTING ALONE AT THE FIRE, and you start telling an interesting story. It is so interesting that from time to time a person sits down. You continue, you start to hand out sausages, and every now and then someone puts a sausage on a stick and cooks it. At some point, you stop and watch your companions as they sit, eat and talk. Leads start nurturing, they consume!

Leads are people

If the same situation is translated into marketing situations, the case looks as follows. You are a seller and you want people to buy your product. The product, in…

Kamila Paradowska

Blogger and podcaster deals with content design.

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